About Lyson New Zealand


Supplying the highest quality equipment at some of the most reasonable prices

Our LYSON journey began back in 2016 when we started looking for quality beekeeping products to use in our own apiary and business. We discovered premium, European/Polish-made LYSON products in our search and became the importers and sole distributors of LYSON beekeeping equipment for Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to supply quality products at reasonable prices.

LYSON is one of the leading manufacturers and innovators of quality beekeeping gear in the world. Their products are of high quality and backed by a New Zealand managed manufacturer warranty. We have products to support best practices in beekeeping whether you are at the beginning of your beekeeping journey or have been in the business for many years.

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We have retailers in NSW, VIC, SA and WA and are currently looking for anyone interested in selling the Lyson products in QLD, ACT and NT.